Facts GT-3

In the middle of a densely packed sport car sceneof GT cars as well as sport prototypes the GT3 Series did a coup in 2006. Straightaway 44 cars entered the FIA GT3 European Championship. One year later the number increased to 50 cars. Long ago there are national an dinternational GT3 series worldwide. The success of the GT3 formula is based on several pillars.
The GT3 race cars are based on close-to-production vehicles though the regulations are very permissive. With the help of the handicap-regulations the FIA is able to stop development progresses at any time. So a cost escalation can be avoided. The aim: high brand variety, low development effort and good manageability for drivers and teams.
Eleven race cars from ten manufacturers were homologated at the end of 2008, the Audi R8 LMS is one of the next modells. The prices of the cars visible for the public vary from 150.000 to 400.000 Euro. Diversity is guaranteed by the limit of each kind of car per homologation in every series . from 2009 four cars. The spectrum goes from small manufacturers up to the world's biggest manufacturers.
Lap times of GT3 cars are similar to GT2 cars. The costs of the GT2 cars are double or tripple as high as the costs of a GT3 race car.
The GT3 race cars don't address to works teams or works drivers. Generally drivers are divided in four categories by their career, experience and success. Only drivers of certain categories are allowed to share a car in the race. So newcomer meet experienced sports car drivers and gentleman drivers without any professional background.
Two one hour races at each event guarantee an ideal entry for all parties. Two drivers take turns, one mandatory pit stop enhances the strategical pressure of the races and the distances stay in a tv friendly time format.
The GT3 series offer attractive markets in Europe and worldwide. The European Championship doesn't clash with the national GT3 series which are coordinated by the SRO (Stéphane Ratel Organisation) in Europe. So drivers and teams can participate in national series and in the EC. Due to the guaranteed car diversity and the levelling of the car performance a wide operational area opens up for drivers, tuners and teams.