Facts DTM

How much the fans like the DTM shows last year's positive spectator growth. In total 832.000 spectators followed the ten season races live on-site. Compared to the previous year the DTM increased its attendance over 10 %. At each of the ten races a new attendance record was established. The most visited race 2007 was the final at the Hockenheimring with more than 140.000 spectators.
Never before so many people have attended a DTM race. Beside the American Nascar Series the DTM is the only racing series worldwide where the number of spectators doesn't stagnate or drop but increase.
The DTM is...
  • the most popular international touring car series worldwide.
  • sportive on a top level.
  • a series with German rootes and international orientation and charisma.
  • a reliable variable with a well-defined and stable technical regulations.
The DTM stand for...
  • living motorsport.
  • enormous high competition density and exciting races.
  • innovative events.
  • constant increasing spectator interest. The races can be seen on tv in 176 countries and live broadcasting in more than 30 countries.
The DTM offers...
  • a top-class international driver line-up.
  • a high sportive valency.
  • a good cost-benefit ratio.
  • entertainment for the whole family.