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A word from … Arno Zensen

Two new drivers – Jamie Green and Nico Müller – will be competing for your team. How do you deal with this situation?
First of all, we welcome this challenge. In Jamie (Green), we’ve got a really experienced driver in our team for the first time. He’s been racing in the DTM for ten years and, like us, is waiting for the first title. Jamie has frequently visited us here at the company and has been intensively working with the engineers. We’re happy to have him on board with us.

In Nico Müller, you’ve also got an absolute rookie in the team …
All the positive things we’d previously heard about Nico have been more than confirmed. He’s a great guy, who’s likeable, open-minded and all fired up for racing in the DTM. And he’s shown on numerous occasions that he really knows how to drive.

As a team boss, is it difficult to make a rookie and a veteran gel?
No, not at all, it’s a wonderful task. During our fitness week, we could already tell that Jamie and Nico get along with each other really well and are a very good match. Jamie plays the role of teacher a bit and Nico gratefully accepts his advice. Both have understood what this year is all about and are giving everything for it – I can already say that now, even though we haven’t driven a single kilometer yet.

What is the current state of the preparations?
Everything’s on schedule. A part of the squad is in Ingolstadt to prepare our first race car. The others are preparing the equipment and practicing pit stops on the simulator twice a day. And the whole squad can hardly wait for the action on the track to start.

What are your aims for the 2014 season?
2013 was a bad year, there’s no point in denying that. Our first aim is to continue where we left off in 2012 and to be the best Audi team this season. And, of course, we’d like to be in contention for the title battle as well.